We Represent Landlords in Eviction Proceedings

Did you know that removing a tenant by force is illegal?  A landlord turning off water or other utilities to force a tenant to leave may have constructively evicted the tenant.  Constructive eviction is illegal and will subject the landlord to suit by the tenant.  Landlords have rights but also obligations.  In most cases, the landlord will have more to lose from making the wrong decision than will the tenant.  It is important to hire legal counsel that will both remove the tenant and will also provide counsel to mitigate the risk that the tenant will have a viable suit against the landlord.  In Kansas, A landlord must start the eviction process by serving a notice that follows certain legal requirements.  What does this all mean?  If your tenant’s payment is late and the tenant has not made other acceptable arrangements with you then you should contact an attorney before taking any action.

We represent landlords in eviction proceedings in Labette County.  This includes the cities of: Parsons, Altamont, Mound Valley, Labette, Oswego, Chetopa, Edna and Bartlett.

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